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Enter content hereThis painting “ Infant Jesus” is inspired by Infant Jesus of Prag, a famous statue of infant Jesus located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Malá Strana, Prague.

Its earliest history can be traced back to the year 1628 when a small, 48 centimeters in height, exquisite statue of wax Infant Jesus was brought into Bohemia by Polyxena von Lobkowitz, who became greatly attached to the Carmelites. This princess had been given the statue as a wedding gift by her mother, Maria Manriquez de Lara of Spain, and the statue was given to the Discalced Carmelites in Prague. Upon presenting it, the pious princess uttered a prophetic statement to the religious: "Venerable Fathers, I bring you my dearest possession. Honor this image and you shall never want". The statue was set upon the oratory of the monastery of Our Lady of Victory, Prague, where special devotions to Jesus were offered before it twice a day. The Carmelite novices voluntarily became poor and professed their poverty fervently during devotions in the presence of the Divine Infant.

The symbol he is holding in his hand is called The globus cruciger (Latin, "cross-bearing orb"). This  is an Orb topped  with a cross , a Christian symbol of authority used throughout the Middle Ages and even today on coins, iconography and royal regalia. It symbolises Christ's (the cross) dominion over the world (the orb), literally held in the dominion of an earthly ruler (or sometimes celestial being such as an angel). When held by Christ himself, the subject is known in the iconography of Western art as Salvator Mundi ("Saviour of the World").

 In Hindu mythology life of lord Krishna as child is very much similar to that of infant Jesus. As with celebrations of Christmas,  Krishna Janamashtmi is celebrated as lord krishna’s birthday when various aspect of life are depicted  through decoration ,dance and drama , also the main celebrations are held at midnight . An idol of baby Krishna in swing is an important part of that decor.


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