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Thirupati balaji


      Situated at Thirumalai hills in Andhra Pradesh (India), Thirupati balaji is believed to be reincarnation of, and Thirumalai hills symbolizing the holy abode of, lord Vishnu on this earth. Lord is also known as Balaji, Bithala, Venkateshwara, Venkateshwer, and Venkatachalapathi Balaji.

   Idol, in black granite, is adorned with cloths and many precious jewels. It is the richest Hindu deity in the world.

 Balaji holds the conch shell, representing water and the first sound of creation, the lotus symbolizing the unfolding universe, the mace interpreted as the power of knowledge, conquering time and the discus(chakra) symbolizing the conquering of evil and ignorance.

Balaji devotees are recognized by the U shaped symbol on their forehead.


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